Interview With: Tsour Lee Adato The Guy Who Filmed Britney’s For The Record

Interview with: Tsour Lee Adato

To begin, tell us a little bit about you, where you born and what are you doing right now

I’m 32, I was born in Israel and I live in L.A., but in this summer I’m in New York working on my album - I’m a producer/singer - and working to other artists as well.

How the opportunity to work in the documentary happened? That was your first work with Britney?

The documentary For The Record was just a piece of my work with Britney. First I was her personal security for 1 year (2007-2008). We become good friends and then I became her personal photographer, and of course was great to work with Britney and her family. It was an amazing experience!

What was the first idea to the doc? Britney just wanted to show some facts of her life or the idea was - besides that - to show the backstage of the Circus album?

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Work on a doc the director have lots of freedom to record it. It’s very different from a movie because the director knows exactly what he needs to do, and in a doc you can record whatever you want. The propose behind the doc was to show the world who is Britney Spears, the real Britney, and mainly to show her version of some polemic facts of her life. She also chose the scenes to make the cut.

Do you know how much did you record?

We filmed lots of scenes with Britney, I don’t know exactly how much, but it was probably 600 hours of footage and the final edition was just 60 minutes.

In one of your trips with Britney we saw you dancing with her in the pool with a camera. It was just for fun?

That was Brett’s footage and was just for fun. We used to dance hip-hop and create some moves, so me and Britney loved to dance and we just did that for fun.

Some days before the VMAs one video of Britney dancing to Mannequin was in the MSN website. It was you who filmed that? tell us about it and why it was revealed so near the VMAs… do you mind to show us another video?

It was filmed by me and I don’t know why it was showed near the VMAs. There’s no specific reason to be released on the internet… and I don’t have problems to show you some more but in this time I don’t have permission to do this.

And after all you and Britney still friends or it was just a professional thing? She seems to had lots of fun with you and Brett.

After the doc I decide that was time to work on what I love - Music - and when I worked with Britney she recorded a lot of my songs, just for fun, and it was really great! We still friends, she is so fascinating and have a wonderful family.

So as you was with Britney during lots of times, traveling, in the studio and recording the doc, could you tell us about the real Britney Spears in a few words? What was the most expressive thing about her?

I noticed that she is very honest and a simple person, she has such a big heart!

Source: / THaLL @ Exhale