Britney's House! Do You think Britney will move in 2015!??

This is Britney current house! Beautiful Huh? The Spanish Tile roof and vast amount of land, over looking the canyon, with an infinity pool

Well we all know Britney has lived in MANY houses and moves around ALOT! But do you think Britney will stay here for a while or do you think she will start over again in a new house in a new location?? She did say she when asked where she saw herself in 10 years she stated "I want a house in Vegas, Colorado, Miami and house on a ranch!" And it was rumored that Britney is ALREADY building a HUGE house in a undisclosed location that is nowhere near a large city, to retreat to after her Vegas residency, that was BEFORE her Vegas stint was extended. So only time will tell, but no matter what Britney decides you can bet the house will be BEAUTIFUL! Britney does have AMAZING taste in homes! What was your favorite home Britney has lived in! 
I'll post all the houses and below tell you about my favorite houses and why I like them I have quite a few! Like I said Britney has AMAZING taste in homes!

(I'll post photos of the former homes she's lived in here)

  Britney's First Home in the Hollywood Hills!
This is the house she shared with Justin Timberlake! Its nice for a first home, it seems a bit small compared to the other homes but hey its her first! Seems like it was very private with the trees lining the outside, and it was high up on the hill also. It does seem very Britney, as her other homes do, its just the touch that only Britney can put on a house! 

The Summit: This is the infamous home that Britney shared with K-Fed, shot Britney: For The Record, and sadly where Britney was taken on her 5150 Hold. I never noticed how close it was to other homes.  

 Case De Los Suenos: (House Of Dreams)
This is My ALL Time FAVORITE House that Britney has lived in so far!!! Its fit for the Queen of Pop that she IS!!!! The huge double bay windows and light toned stone exterior is so BEAUTIFUL!! The court yard is so Pretty and seems so quite. Beyond LOVE this house!! I wish she still lived here! <3 font="" nbsp="">
(Video Tour of Casa De Los Suenos)

Britney's Hidden Hills Home! She briefly lived in this home! "I'm The Femme Fatale" was shot in this house! It is probably my second favorite of Britney's homes! It reminds me SOOOOO much of Michael Jackson Neverland Estate!! It has that feel to it! Both homes fit for the King and Queen of Pop! 

(Above) Michael Jackson's NeverLand Ranch in Los Olivos, CA 
 Just posting it to show how I feel they are similar! 

Well There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!! Yes this is NOT the home Britney grew up in as a child but Jamie Lynn pretty much did! This is "Serenity" the Mansion, Britney build for her Mama, Lynne Spears in the early 2000's! This is the Spears Family Compound! I love it! It's a Tudor Style home that is on plenty of land for privacy. 

Yes, Britney didn't live in this house but something very infamous happened here, This is the home Britney & Kevin had their surprise wedding in!!! 



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